Friday, January 20, 2017

Winter Blues 2017

Winter colors for January 2017
Winter is here and we love winter in Michigan! It's time for snow and peaceful reflection - a welcome contrast to the busyness of the holiday season. At iPenstore we love the new products in the pen, paper and ink world that come with the new year. We are very excited about the goals and new products we have planned for 2017!

Our winter montage features items that represent ice, snow, and cozy winter days -  afternoons spent writing in our favorite notebooks, or practicing calligraphy with a beautiful calligraphy ink.  Read on for the list of our favorite winter-blue products!


Caran d'Ache Swiss Made Metal Ballpoint Pen, Metallic Turquoise

iPenBox- Monthly Mystery Subscription Box with an assortment of pens, paper and ink curated around a monthly theme

Monteverde Prima Fountain Pen, Turquoise Swirl, Fine Nib

Caran d'Ache Chromatics 50 ml Fountain Pen Ink, Hypnotic Turquoise

Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen, Raw Aluminum

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen, White Tiger

Monday, January 16, 2017

Caran d'Ache Grafwood Graphite Pencils Review

We are now carrying Caran d'Ache Grafwood Graphite Pencils! These pencils are sold individually, which is nice for artists to be able to pick and choose the the shades they need, or to try out the pencils before investing in a complete set.

The pencils are color coded by their wood casings- just like regular colored pencils.  The pencils also are numbered to indicate the hardness of the lead- but having the color on the outside makes it much easier and faster to grab the shade you need! The lead grade options range from 4H to 9B. The darkest pencil= the softest lead.

The pencils are slightly over-sized hexagon barrels- making it more comfortable for drawing over long periods of time. The graphite is very smooth, and glide over paper effortlessly without any scratchiness.

We recommend the Mobius + Ruppert Brass Double Hold Wedge Shaped Pencil Sharpener because it's an artist's quality sharpener for use with graphite pencils. This sharpener is suited for standard # 2 size pencils and maxi size pencils (9.3 mm).

The Mobius + Ruppert sharpener sharpens cleanly to a nice long point! The blades can be taken out and sharpened or replaced.

Once your pencil gets too short, you'll want a pencil extender- we like the Rosetta Pencil Extender- shown above in Tortoise Shell. This extender gets great reviews in looks and function- especially for the diamond cut knurled grip section.

Very fluid and smooth- the 9B lays down a very dark solid line, and holds a point for an extended period of time without needing to be sharpened constantly.  

Even 9B erases cleanly- here I used the Tombow Mono eraser pen. This eraser allows you to get very exact in erasing lines - it's the perfect eraser for precision work.  Check out the full line of Caran d'Ache Grafwood pencils in our store!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Fabriano Soft Touch Notebook Review

Introducing another great notebook from Fabriano! Fabriano just came out with their new "Soft Touch" notebook. The cover is made from "Inspira" paper -a 360 gsm soft, matte touch paper which gives it a unique petal soft feel. Fabriano is an Italian paper company and they have been making since the mid 13th century- so they know paper! Read about their history here.

 The new Soft Touch Notebook comes in two sizes A5 (5.8 x 8.3 inches) and A6 (4.1 x 5.8 inches). These notebooks are perfect bound- bound with an adhesive which, when dry keeps them securely bound. There are five colors to choose from- red, blue, orange, pink, and black.

 The notebooks are very unique looking. It has a cloth binding with a text graphic. The printed pattern on the cloth reproduces a detail of the font page of an Italian newspaper, making each notebook different from the next.

Each page is lined with a very light olive/gray line. The Fabriano logo is featured at the bottom of each page.The 80 sheets of 90 gsm paper has been produced with 100% ECF cellulose pulp, which is FSC certified (meaning the paper has been source in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner). The paper is acid free and archival quality.

This notebook is perfect for many different writing instruments- and wonderful for fountain pen writing! Thick enough where you won't see any ink bleed- through to the back of your pages. Smooth paper- yet much toothier than Rhodia or Clairefontaine paper- your ink will dry quickly on this paper. Great paper in a great new notebook!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Monteverde Inks

New Monteverde ITF inks

Monteverde fountain pen inks with ITF (Ink Treatment Formula) drastically improves ink-flow, extends cap-off time, and lubricates and protects your pen's ink feeding system from corrosion and clogging. Suitable for all fountain pens, quill pens and calligraphy utensils. Available in 30 ml and 90 ml glass bottles in 23 vibrant colors. 

Made in Europe, packaged in USA.
Ink swatches have been made by doing a single swab to show true color, then adding a second layer to the left half of the swab to show how the ink color will shade.

Monteverde ITF inks are available in 2 sizes of glass bottles (90 ml and 30 ml)
and packages of 6 standard international ink cartridges.

 Monteverde Fountain Pen Flush

Monteverde fountain pen flush is guaranteed to remove the old and stubborn build-up in fountain pens. It will make your pen write like new again!  

Ingredients: Distilled water, ammonium hydroxide, biodegradable surfacants, propylene glycol, potassium sorbate, glycerine. Safety data sheet link on bottle label. 


  1. Clean your fountain pen with distilled or tap water until the water runs clear
  2. Fill and flush your fountain pen with Monteverde Pen Flush, repeating to remove any extra ink.
  3. Fill and flush with clean water again to remove any remaining Pen Flush. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The iPenstore Gift List 2016

Retro 51 Tornado Popper Limited Edition Ballpoint Pen - only a few left!

❆iPenstore Holiday Gift Guide❆

With the gift giving season upon us, iPenstore is full of ideas to help you bring creativity in the form of pens, paper, and inks to the people you love!  These gifts are sure to bring joy long after they are opened. Pens, paper and ink ignite the spark of writing, journaling, and creating - we think that is one of the best gifts you can give! 

Retro 51 Dog Paws Fountain Pen  ❆ Acid Etched Dog Paws Barrel in Stone washed Pewter, with a custom-designed clip in the shape of  a dog bone. To complete the design, a paw print has been added to the top of the cap! Perfect for any dog lover in your life.

Retro 51 Cat Paws Rollerball Pen ❆ Acid-etched Cat Paws Barrel in Antique Copper- the custom-designed clip is in the shape of a cat with a long tail. To complete the design, a paw print has been added to the top of the cap!

Retro 51 Tornado Popper Twinkle ❆ Limited Production POP Series twist action pen, "Twinkle." The diamond cut aluminum barrel has been designed to reveal stars that reflect the light in a most elegant way. As you write, the light refracts off the engraved stars giving the barrel a sparkling appearance. Finished with rose gold accents that have been numbered on the top ring and packaged in a matching gift tube.

Parker Jotter 2016 Ballpoint Pen ❆ The Parker Jotter, first introduced in 1954, is one of the best selling pens in history. over 750 million have been sold worldwide.  New 2016 models have been upgraded to all metal construction. Each pen comes in a Parker gift box.

iPenBox ❆ iPenBox is a curated subscription box for the pen, paper, and ink enthusiast, delivering a montly box of products to your door. Each month we hand pick 5- 10 items around a monthly theme. Each box typically includes a fountain pen, notebook, ink sample, and other pen, paper, and ink items.  

Lamy Gift Set ❆ Lamy AL-Star or Lamy Safari Gift Sets include a fountain pen, converter for bottled ink, and 7 colors of Lamy ink cartridges- all in one special gift box! For the past few years, Lamy has packaged their best selling fountain pens into holiday gift sets. The Safari colors are Red, White, or Blue and the Al-Star sets are available in Ocean Blue or Purple.

2017 Standard Memorandum Word. Notebook ❆ A great pocket-sized journal that will chronicle a year of your life.  Simply jot down a line or two every day for a year, and you'll be left with a memento you can save or pass down.  

Fabriano Bouquet Notebooks ❆ Bouquet is a set of 7 note pads by Fabriano. Each notepad has different premium paper types and different colored covers (like a bouquet of flowers). The 7 notebooks inner papers are: felt marked, embossed, parchment, vellum, laid, ecological, and natural. The weights vary from 85 50 100 gsm and all have plain pages. Each pad has 40 sheets and the notebooks measure 4" x 5.5". 

Aston American Cowhide Leather ❆ American cowhide leather pen cases, pouches and slips. Premium quality full- grain hides which are then finished with natural vegetal oils to result in a leather with a soft hand and visible grain patters. These cases become more beautiful with age. 

Platinum Cool Fountain Pen ❆ Transparent resin body and cap with chrome plated trims. Even the feed is transparent!The stainless steel nib is moderately flexible. Innovative "slip seal" cap keeps the pen from drying out.  

Diamine Shimmering Fountain Pen Ink ❆ Brand new from the UK-  Diamine just released 12 new colors of shimmering fountain pen ink! All Diamine inks are water based, fast drying, non-toxic, pH neutral, light fast, and flow smoothly. Diamine uses all natural dyes and has been produced in the UK since 1864.